Pelosi warns of the importance of the change to renewable energies

Miami, May 9 (Latest).- The president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, expressed her conviction on Monday in Miami (Florida) that renewable energies are the alternative to fossil fuels and that “we cannot lose this opportunity”.

In a conversation with journalist Susan Goldberg during the “Aspen Ideas: Climate” forum, which opened today in this city in South Florida, Pelosi called for awareness of climate change and stressed that young people “are more concerned about the future and ready to assume responsibilities”.

The event on the environment, presented by the Aspen Institute and the city of Miami Beach, brings together more than 200 innovators and world leaders today “to engage the public in local and global climate solutions with the potential to reshape our world,” according to the organizers.

Pelosi, who wore a pin with the US and Ukrainian flag on the lapel of her jacket, recalled that everything is connected in nature, that climate change is also a matter of national security and health, and pointed to the invasion Russia to this Eastern country as an evil that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

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“Soldiers raping girls and mothers, attacking civilians, bombing a maternity clinic” in that eastern country, said Pelosi, who assured, returning to the issue of the environment, that the president, Joe Biden, is “a champion in this matter” , as evidenced by his being the “first member of Congress to push through climate change legislation, in 1986.”

He insisted that finding solutions in the fight against climate change is “a priority for us (Biden and the Democrats) and” an agreement must be reached. We’re going to find it soon “because time doesn’t stand still in terms of the cost” incurred, she emphasized.

Smiling, Pelosi assured her interviewer, who is the editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine, that she has no intention of losing the House of Representatives in November’s legislative elections.

In a panel, the mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, reiterated for her part this Monday that by 2023 the ships of the main five cruise companies will be able to stay docked in the port of this city with electricity, a source of energy that will reduce the carbon footprint, and is in line with the environmental goals of this Florida county.

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“(We will be) the first seaport in Florida and the southeastern United States” that will offer electricity supply on land, said Levine Cava during the opening event of the forum on the environment, in which she was accompanied by the top executives of the main companies in the cruise ships.

The initiative will allow several ships to be “plugged in” to electrical connections at the same time in the port facilities, an objective also of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which hopes by 2035 to have all the fleets of its companies associated with the ability to connect to electricity on land.

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