Carlos Alcaraz does not "video game points"…because it’s so much better than in video games

Carlos Alcaraz’s gale is already unstoppable. The Murcian has become the new great promise of world tennis and is exceeding the expectations of locals and strangers. Without going any further, in recent months he has conquered the Masters 1000 in Miami and Madrid beating Djokovic and Rafa Nadal himself along the way. The illusion for the tennis player is such that surely these days you have heard the happy little phrase of “Alcaraz wins a video game point!”. Well, no, he hasn’t made any video game points. In fact, they already wanted video games.

Gone are the days of Virtua Tennis, Top Spin or Tennis World Tour. Currently, the tennis genre is going through a lean period As far as video games are concerned, it subsists on the basis of more casual arcade sagas such as Mario Tennis. The last bet with simulator ambitions was AO Tennis 2 in 2020 and let’s just say things were… so-so. It barely gave it a 5.5 in our review.

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Does Alcaraz appear in any video game?

All in all, AO Tennis 2 has a curious editor that has allowed the title to be kept alive among the community and include new courts and tennis players. That is precisely the only and pitiful way to play with Carlos Alcaraz in a video game. In addition, to create a character you have to copy their techniques from others that come from the series and look at the features that people have chosen to forge this kind of cyborg. Not even the Coca-Cola formula:

  • Nadal’s groundstroke + Goffin’s serve + Kokkinakis’ return = Alcaraz?

Carlos Alcaraz’s scores in video games

Although there are many versions of Alcaraz uploaded by the community, the most recent ones do not hesitate to feed the hype with an 84 overall score and stats of 86 power, 85 stamina (stamina), and 87 speed. He still has to catch tennis players like Rafa, but He already looks in the rearview mirror at regulars like Kyrgios, Wawrinka or Cilic. However, the specific stats of each skill are somewhat more generic and we see inexplicable decisions (a 79 in dropshots?!). These are:

  • Flat serve – 83
  • Topspin serve – 83
  • Cut serve – 81
  • Flat Right – 83
  • Right topspin – 85
  • Cut Right – 82
  • Backhand flat – 83
  • Backhand topspin – 84
  • Backhand Cut – 81
  • Volley – 79
  • Volley left – 79
  • Dropped – 79
  • Globo – 79
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We want more tennis games

We definitely need a new installment that puts things in their place and allows us to make those “game points” that are so talked about on television in video games. If on top of that we had Alcaraz cover or at least with a more consistent facial capture (the current one is a bit scary, let’s admit it), why do we want more.

We leave you finally with the curious Youtube account of marratxiboywhich is dedicated to recreate in AO Tennis 2 most of the matches of the circuit. If that’s not passion for tennis…