Mime ‘recriminates’ father for not carrying his partner’s backpack while carrying the baby

In the social media he turned viral and video of TikTok which showed the hilarious moment a mime ‘called out’ to a father because he didn’t help his girlfriend enough in USA. The clip generated various opinions and has already accumulated more than 10 million reproductions.

When starting a family, the mother and father usually share all the responsibilities to balance the load. However, this did not happen with a couple during their visit to the theme park “SeaWorld” (Florida).

In the recording, shared by @fiestascondjnova, a subject dressed as a mime appears stopping a female carrying a child and a backpack on her shoulder. Immediately, he asks the woman and the man behind her if they are together, according to him. NDTV.

Faced with this totally unexpected query, the couple says yes and then the artist teaches how to be a good father: He takes the woman’s bag and hands it to the individual. The gesture of the theatrical actor quickly unleashes applause from the audience.

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“I was on vacation at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida and this happened,” wrote the user identified as “Ernesto”, whose clip became a trend and accumulated thousands of reactions from those who applauded the mime’s attitude.

@fiestascondjnova I was on vacation at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida and this happened. #FYP ♬ original sound – Ernest

“We need more of those mimes walking the streets giving lessons”; “it is something so maternal to carry the weight of everything without thinking twice”; “I said so much without saying a single word”; “She’s literally doing all the heavy lifting and he’s just hanging around,” were some of the comments.