Melissa Klug would already be thinking of having her sixth child and Samahara Lobatón answers her

Samahara Lobatón, daughter of Melissa Klug, responded to the possibility that her mother would have her sixth child, which would be the result of her current relationship with soccer player Jesús Barco.

The influencer and also a mother was approached by a reporter from the show program “Amor y Fuego”, to whom she expressed that she would be happy with her mother’s eventual first child with the Sport Boys midfielder.

“Happy, of course”Samahara replied after being consulted by the sixth child that “Blanca de Chucuito” would be thinking of having.

And it is that the Chalaca businesswoman and model would be seriously thinking about bringing another child into the world. Klug would have undergone a treatment to freeze his ovules and thus be able to conceive with the Jesús Barco steering wheel.

However, Melissa clarified that she wants to be a mother, but first she wants to see the issue of planning her marriage, since she has been engaged to the player since last year.

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