Son of dictator Marcos returns his family to power in the Philippines

With 90% of the vote, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, doubled the votes of his closest rival, current Vice President Leni Robredo.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr, son of the dictator who established two decades of brutal and corrupt rule in the Philippines, regained power for his family in this Asian archipelago with a landslide victory in the presidential elections on Monday (05.09.2022).

Considered “carefree and lazy” by his father, Marcos Jr, nicknamed “Bongbong”, took advantage of his old local alliances and disenchantment with political leaders in this impoverished country to return the controversial family to power.

With 90% of the ballots counted, Marcos Jr doubled the votes of his main rival, the liberal candidate Leni Robredo, who six years earlier had narrowly snatched from him the chance to be vice president of the Philippines.

Exiled to the United States with his family after the fall of the dictator 36 years ago and returned after the death of his father, “Bongbong” thus culminates decades of campaign to cleanse the image of the Marcos from accusations of human rights violations and corruption. .

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Vowing to unite the country, the 64-year-old son of the late dictator focused his campaign on fighting unemployment and inflation caused by the pandemic in this archipelago heavily dependent on tourism.

“Unity is my cause because I have the firm conviction that it is the first stage towards a way out of the crisis,” said Marcos Jr during the launch of his electoral campaign in February.

Although he dreamed of being an astronaut as a child, “Bongbong” ended up following in his father’s footsteps and entered politics.

The then teenager was studying in England when his father declared martial law in 1972 in the Philippines to strengthen his power.

In a country that seems to have forgotten the darkest episodes of that regime, Marcos Jr defends his father’s “political genius”, praising the economic growth and public investment in his mandate while forgetting the corruption or mismanagement that They ruined the country.

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