eFootball 2022: everything you need to know about name contracts

eFootball 2022 continues to celebrate promotions tied to its first season. The introduction of Dream Team, which takes over from the classic My Club from Pro Evolution Soccer, allows players to sign any available player in their database. Among the signing opportunities are nominative contracts. We tell you what they are and how they are used.

What are nominative contracts in eFootball 2022?

Named contracts are a type of currency that coexists alongside GP points, eFootball coins and eFootball points. During the first season they can only be obtained as we log in on a daily basis.

exist five types of nominative contracts that match the number of stars a player can have. With them you will be able to acquire by finger one of the players participating in the Player of the Month offers of the same value that your contract reaches. For example, if Carlos Vela has a 3-star rating, you can only sign him with a 3-star nominal contract.

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How can I redeem named contracts in eFootball 2022?

At the moment the nominative contracts can only be redeemed by participating players in the monthly promotions. To see them, go to the Special Players tab, under Contracts in the main menu. All those pools of soccer players that require a nominative contract will appear indicated before entering the available players.

Which players can I sign with eFootball 2022 nominee contracts?

During the first season of eFootball 2022, Konami only allows signing those who are part of the Player of the Month series in their respective leagues. At the time of writing these lines you have two at your fingertips, both the American and Japanese leagues. Remember that these players will not receive experience points for participating in Dream Team matches.

Beware: eFootball 2022 name contracts expire

Just as you read it. All nominative contracts have a validity period of 60 days. In the event that you have two of the same valuation, the one that will expire sooner will be used. eFootball 2022 mark the expiry dates of your contracts by pressing the triangle (or Y) button on your controller in the Special Players menu.

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