Paula Manzanal on Fabio Agostini’s flirtations with Gabriela and Jossmery: “He says he would never be with either of them”

Fabio Agostini has been talked about in recent months after being romantically linked to Gabriela Herrera and Jossmery Toledo, however, Paula Manzanal surprised this Monday by revealing that the reality boy is not interested in either of them.

In a conversation with the program “América Hoy”, the Peruvian model assured that the member of “Esto es Guerra” told her that she would not have an affair with the former police officer and the dancer.

Fabio and I remain as friends, I talk to him every day, he calls me every so often. He has told me about many girls, but not Gabriela or Jossmery”said the influencer when asked about the flirtations of the “Guerrero” with his companions of “EEG”.

After destroying the illusions of reality girls, Paula Manzanal He added that there is no possibility that any of them start a serious relationship with the Spaniard, since he would be interested in another person.

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He always says that nothing to do with it, that he would never be with either of them, he says that it is a story that they are putting together (…) What is more, he told me about a girl, but it is neither of the two”, he narrowed down.

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