Los Tigres del Norte: the story behind their song “We are more American”

Songs like the ones they play The Northern Tigers we normally hear them on the radio, television programs and at the group’s concerts, but a few days ago the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorsurprised everyone when a song by the aforementioned band was played at their press conference.

The reason for his decision to air the song “we are more american” was in response to controversial statements by the governor of the state of Texas, Greg Abbott, in which he touched on the issue of illegal migration. That is why many wonder what this issue has to do with political issues.

Due to the sensation that the song of Los Tigres del Norte has generated, in this note we will tell a little about what it is about in order to shed light on all those interested in its important role in this discussion between people with high political positions in their respective countries.

Los Tigres del Norte often tell stories of Mexican migrants in the United States (Photo: Los Tigres del Norte / Facebook)
Los Tigres del Norte often tell stories of Mexican migrants in the United States (Photo: Los Tigres del Norte / Facebook)


A lot of songs from the North TigersThey talk about how bad it is for Mexicans who decide to cross the border into the United States and seek a better future for themselves and their respective families, who often stay in their nation, leaving a feeling of deep sadness in everyone.

In this corrido it would not be the exception, since, if we listen to the lyrics, we can realize that the musical artists are narrating a justification or a defense before all the people who discriminate against them for arriving in the United States illegally.

In addition, they refer to the fact that some territories of the United States in the past were part of Mexicobut they were violently snatched in order to be annexed to their nation, so, in theory, those who cross the supposed border enter an area that is actually Aztec.

“They painted the line so that I could jump over it and they call me an invader. It is a well-marked error, eight states were taken from us, who is the invader here? I am a foreigner in my land, and I do not come to give you war, I am a working man. And if history does not lie, here the powerful nation settled in glory “are some of the phrases of the song.


The famous Mexican group is made up of four brothers and one of their cousins.

  • The musical director and first vocalist is Jorge Olegario Hernandez Angulo.
  • is also Hernan Hernandez Anguloin charge of electric bass and second voice.
  • Another of his brothers is Eduardo Hernandez Angle who plays the accordion, in addition to the saxophone, sixth bass and is also one of the group’s voices.
  • Luis Hernandez Angle he also accompanies them on bass and voice.
  • Finally his cousin Oscar Angulo Lara He is in charge of playing the drums.


If you’re an avid fan of “Bosses of Bosses,” you’ve probably wondered how much the band charges for a performance. The interpreters of “La mesa del comer” have a fee that ranges between 160 thousand Y 211 thousand dollars for a private concert, where they promise to make all the guests dance and sing. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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