Moon Knight Deleted All These References From Thor 4

Marvel Studios didn’t want to connect Moon Knight with Thor 4. These are all references the studio deleted to avoid the connections.

In an interview given to The Directthe writer and executive producer of moon knight, Jeremy Slaterrevealed the existence of a heap of references to Thor 4. Specifically, to Gorr the Butcher of Godsthe villain of Marvel Studios characterized by Christian Bale.

When asked how much influence Thor 4 in the history of moon knight, Jeremy Slater was honest and explained the different versions of the script that existed. Some scripts that referred to the film Taika Waititi. Unfortunately, not knowing when the film was going to be released damaged the intertextuality.

“The influence was both great and little,” acknowledged the screenwriter of moon knight. “The reality is that we had no idea, when we started working on the series, when we would premiere it. We always assumed that it would be later and that we would release it in the fall of 2022. We thought that we were going to go after Thor 4. However, the God of Thunder movie did not necessarily have a specific release date either. Everything was up in the air.”

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“There were different versions of the Moon Knight script where the Egyptian gods were talking about Gorr the Butcher of Gods,” Jeremy Slater continued. “There were also other versions where the gods heard that the gods were being killed, in oblique reference to the villain of Thor 4.”

The arrival of Gorr the Butcher of Gods that was erased…

Jeremy Slater added that there were even versions that anticipated the arrival of the villain of Thor 4 in moon knight. However, Marvel Studios made the creative decision that it didn’t need any kind of intertextuality to exist.

“We knew the main plot of Thor 4, because we didn’t want to make contradictions,” said the writer of moon knight. “We had versions of the story that somehow anticipated the arrival of Gorr the Butcher of Gods. It took place after the movie. Ultimately, Marvel Studios made the creative decision to scrap it because they didn’t necessarily need this.”

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“I think Marvel Studios is getting really smart about classifying the work and handling all these references and cameos. They will only do it if it makes sense”, concluded the writer of moon knight about deleted references to Thor 4. “If it damages the story, they won’t use intertextuality. They don’t do it just to do it. I think it was at that point that they told us it wasn’t necessary.”