Rodrigo González calls Ale Fuller’s new boyfriend a patán after an impasse with a reporter

Alessandra Fuller She spent an embarrassing moment after attending Rauw Alejandro’s concert in Lima, after her boyfriend, identified as Francesco Balbi, lost the papers with a team from “Amor y Fuego”.

According to images broadcast by the entertainment program, the lawyer prevented the journalist from interviewing the young actress at all costs and even ended up pushing him away from the influencer, which caused the reporter to demand that he not touch him.

At another point, the actress’s boyfriend rebukes the reporter for interviewing in the middle of a sports field. “What is the deontological code of ethics that they taught you in your work? It doesn’t seem to me that you interview in a pampon”Balbi questioned.

This impasse unleashed the fury of Rodrigo González, who attacked Francesco Balbi for starring in this tense moment, despite the fact that Alessandra Fuller had been willing to answer the questions of the press team.

If you really know and love your partner, first of all, don’t get in their way. Your girlfriend belongs to the show, we went to talk to her, but you wanted to steal the show, you made your girlfriend uncomfortable and you looked like a jerkcriticized the popular ‘Peluchín’.

the partner of Gigi Miter He continued to question the lawyer’s behavior and recommended that the actress change her partner because these attitudes give a lot to think about.

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He doesn’t realize he’s making his own girlfriend uncomfortable, quite apart from how spoiled and jerk he was to our team. Out of place wherever you look at it, we have nothing to say to Alexandra, she just changes her boyfriend, nothing more”, he narrowed down.

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