Doctor surprises on TikTok by showing the transformation of the postpartum uterus

Although pregnancy causes many changes in the woman’s body, most of these aspects disappear after childbirth. For nine months, the future mother faces a slow and gradual process full of surprises. For this reason, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln (@drjenniferlincoln) shared a video viral from TikTok about the transformation of the womb.

Jennifer Lincoln joined the Asian platform with the mission of teaching young people about the sex education. From her account, the popular gynecologist usually records content to discredit misinformation regarding women’s health.

Following that line, @drjenniferlincolnwho borders on three million followers, has just published a clip in which he graphically and simply shows two different models of the uterus: before pregnancy y after the birth of a baby.

“This is the average size of a uterus when you’re not pregnant, about the size of my fist. Remember this fact.” indicates at the beginning of the recording while an anatomical figure of the uterus with the fallopian tubes appears, according to reports Absence.

@drjenniferlincoln Not the same as it was. And that’s ok! #asitwas #postpartum #obgyn #newbaby #bodypositivity ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

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After a few seconds, Jennifer holds up a much larger model of the uterus and comments. “And this is the average size of a uterus after giving birth… It’s not that small, is it?”

In that sense, Lincoln need that “eSo let’s get rid of that toxic back-to-shape culture, which says we’re supposed to get back to this – first model shows – in a matter of weeks, okay? You just created a human.”

Immediately, the video of @drjenniferlincoln provoked numerous comments and registered more than 30 million views. The clip even invited reflection on postpartum changes.