Discovery premieres miniseries about the Chapecoense air tragedy

Five years have passed since the accident of LaMia flight 2933, on a hill in La Unión, Antioquia, in which 71 people died, and you still have many questions about what really happened on the night of Monday, November 28, 2016.

Those responsible for the fateful chain of errors remain free and in the sights of justice in different countries.

Regarding the air disaster that frustrated the Chapecoense team’s dream of winning its first international title (it was playing the final of the South American Cup against Atlético Nacional), the international channel Discovery will premiere this Sunday the 15th at 9:50 pm, a miniseries that brings testimonies from survivors, relatives of victims and some of the suspects in the tragedy.

“Chapecó File: Behind the air tragedy” is the title of this special produced and recorded in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, the United States and Spain, with four one-hour episodes each.

From Discovery they explain that the miniseries contains exclusive testimonies from survivors and relatives of victims.

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“It also features archival footage recorded by the players themselves during the journey and dramatizations that piece together what might have happened that early morning, on and off LaMia Flight 2933.”

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