“A national crisis”: politicians in the US denounce the silence of the White House in the face of the growing shortage of baby formula

The shortage of baby formula – a key product for those who cannot feed themselves with breast milk – continues to reach alarming levels in the US, amid the growing inflation that has been registered in the North American country in the first quarter of this anus.

According to a Datasembly study, cited by CBS, the best-selling formula was out of stock on more than 40% of the 11,000 stores Americans reviewed during the week ending April 24. The figure represents an increase of nine percentage points compared to the 31% shortage registered on April 3.

In the states of Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota, shortages of the product reaches 50% or more. Additionally, it is accompanied by an increase in prices, which grew by 18% over the past 12 months.

“The formula shortage is so bad that my mother and sisters send it to me from Pennsylvania. Four-month-old babies who are not breastfed have nothing else to eat,” tweeted a netizen.

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Faced with the growing deficit, several American supermarket and pharmacy chains established a rationing of these products. Thus, Target limited the number of units or packages of baby formula that a customer can buy to four, while pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS Health only allow three products of that type to be purchased per transaction.

“The silence of the Biden Administration”

The crisis, already caused by interruptions in supply chains during the covid-19 pandemic, intensified after part of the formula made by one of its main manufacturers was withdrawn in January. Now, in the face of unprecedented shortages, several US politicians are also pointing to the policies of the Administration of President Joe Biden, which, they argue, do not seem to address the obvious problem.

Republican Tom Cotton, a young senator from Arkansas, came to qualify the scarcity of “national crisis”. “The Biden Administration must take this seriously,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

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“Has at least one Biden Administration official addressed the worsening baby formula shortage? Nearly a decade after the White House announced its ‘Supply Chain Task Force,’ parents can’t even find food for their children”, tweeted Republican Jim Banks, Representative for the 3rd Congressional District of Indiana.

For his part, Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives, manifested that “the silence of the Biden Administration and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) It is unacceptable“.