WD_Black SN850X NVM2 SSD, the drive that predicts what’s to come in the game

After a recapitulation of the technologies related to hard drives and especially by showing how the use of storage has changed after the consolidation of the cloud, Western Digital announced its new linear through a digital presentation that took place at noon on May 9, 2022.

More capacity in the cloud and faster SSD’s

To meet the demands of data consumption in the cloud, the Californian brand presented its disks Ultrastar DC HC560 with 20TB capacity, the Ultrastar DC HC570 22TB and the DC HC670 of 26TB. All of these integrate technologies that considerably improve the flow of data for the new demands of the market.

On the side of solid-state drives, they presented the Ultrastar DC ZN540 and the Ultrastar DC SN650 2.5-inch PCIe 4.0, the latter with a capacity of up to 16 TB.

To improve hybrid work

With a focus on hybrid or home office work, WD also presented its new SSDs PC SN740 with capacities ranging from 256GB to 2TB available in M2.2280, M.2 2243 and M2. 2230 with read speeds of up to 5150 MB/s.

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for pro consumers

In the middle part of the presentation, they showed their linear Pro Blade SSD NVMe modular. This system allows the use of solid state drives with the Pro Blade Transport as a USB disk or through the Pro Blade Stationa kind of modular desktop that allows you to work with up to 4 SSD’s.

And for the gamers

At the end of this presentation they unveiled the new WD_Black SN850X NVM2 SSD which can be found with and without a heat sink in capacities up to 4TB. This SSD will have a predictive load that seeks to reduce loading times in games, this is thanks to an included artificial intelligence that predicts and anticipates what is coming in the game.

It will also include an algorithm that allows you to manage temperatures for more stable and consistent gaming sessions. Another addition is the reengineering of its firmware that will reduce the latency of the game.

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Game Mode 2.0

These SSDs can be customized through specialized software that allows monitoring temperature, capacity, performance, among others.

Soon the brand will announce the prices and availability of these units.