Francisco Labastida, the politician who inspired the most famous seafood taco

“I went into the kitchen and told them that instead of putting the tortilla in the bastard they should fry it with a little butter and that they should also add a little cheese to give it more flavor,” he told us with a laugh.

Today the “governor taco”, named in his honor, is one of the most requested in seafood restaurants throughout Mexico, as it is prepared in places like Mazatlán, Culiacán, Los Angeles, Madrid and Bogotá.

Francisco Labastida and his wife Maria Teresa Uriarte
Francisco Labastida and his wife, María Teresa Uriarte, creator of the famous “governor taco”

It consists of a corn tortilla with cabrón previously fried in butter, with a shrimp stew, poblano chili, gratin cheese and onion, although to date there are already many variants, but the most famous are those served in more than 15 restaurants The Arches and Cabanna from all over the country, who in addition to creating them, patented them.

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