Tesla sues former employee who downloaded data about a supercomputer to his personal computer

Tesla, Elon Musk’s car company, has sued a former employee of his for downloading sensitive data about supercomputer technologies to his personal computer. pick up Bloomberg.

According to the media, Alexander Yatskov, thermal engineer, was hired last January to work on the design of a cooling system for the supercomputer developed by Tesla and called ‘Project Dojo’. In its lawsuit, the company claims that the details of the design are “confidential and strictly guarded” data within the company.

Confronted with the evidence of the facts, Yatskov delivered a fake computer to cover up data theft. Although the man left the company on May 2, he refused to return the secret information, according to Tesla.

At the same time, Tesla contends that Yatskov breached the agreement that prohibited him from disclosing company trade secrets. At the same time, the US automaker accused the engineer of having lied on his resume about his experience and knowledge in this regard.

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The company specifies that it seeks to obtain compensatory and punitive damages for the former employee, as well as an order that prohibits Yatskov from disclosing the confidential data and that forces him to hand over the information in question.