How to transform your Android smartphone into a “walkie takie”

In the Google Play Store of Android there are many applications that allow you to chat, make voice calls and even video calls, however, in case you and your group of friends want to experiment with another type of communication that is different and more entertaining than just typing, then from Mag we will show you the steps for you to talk to your contacts in the same style as the police, through a “walkie takie”.

Before we begin, what is walkie-takie communication? it’s simple, it works like the extinct cell phones of the Nextel company, using radio-type calls, since if you want to talk you only have to press a button for a few seconds, the same one that you have to stop pressing when you finish sending your message, so you can hear the response of your friends or family.


  • First, go to the Google Play Store Android.
  • Here look for the Walkie-Takie app, you can get it quickly by clicking here.
  • Open the app and grant it all the necessary permissions so that it can operate, it will only ask you for access to the microphone, so you can send your messages without any problem.
  • It is recommended to register with your cell phone number, TikTok, Facebook or Google account, so you can find your friends through the application.
  • Now, you will be in the main interface of Walkie-SuchAs you can see, you have two tabs at the top: “Publish”, to talk to anyone; and “Private”, to talk only with your friends.
  • Also, you have two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down. With these you will change the frequency.
  • To start listening to the conversation of a frequency, click the on or off button that is located next to the arrows. If you want to disconnect press it again.
  • Ready, you will get the number of people connected in real time by the aforementioned frequency.
  • Finally, to talk, press the button that says “Push to talk” for a few seconds, release it when you finish sending your message.
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It is important to clarify that if you want to communicate with your friends, they must first download the application, either on their device Android or iOS. It is also recommended to say “Over and out” when you have finished speaking, so the other user can proceed to answer you without being interrupted.

It is likely that you do not remember your number and even the operator to which your SIM card belongs, knowing this last data is essential, since you will dial a code in the calling app so that they can send you your phone number by text message (SMS) .

  • Go to the “Settings” or “Configurations” of Android o iOSyou usually locate it with an icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right and type “SIM”.
  • Click on the “SIM card status” section or a similar name and click on “SIM card status” again.
  • Finally, in the “Network” section you will see the operator to which that chip belongs.
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How to know your number for Claro users

It’s simple, you just have to open the messages application and send an SMS text message to 779 with the word “number”, without the quotes of course. In a matter of seconds you will receive a response from Claro so that you know your cell phone number. You do not need to have a balance.

For Movistar users

Open the calling app and dial the code *#62#then press the call key and your number will appear on the main screen of the device.

For Entel users

The procedure is similar to that of Movistar, in Entel open the calling app and dial the *1#.

For Bitel users

The same goes for Bitel, dial *180#, although it is also possible to get your number by sending a text message to 164 with the word “FB60″.