Biden Speeds Up U.S. Weapons Deliveries to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden signed a law to speed up the sending of military aid to Ukraine, to counter the Russian invasion. In addition, the US suspends tariffs on Ukrainian steel for one year.

President Joe Biden expedited weapons shipments to Ukraine based on a World War II law to help America’s allies defeat Nazi Germany. He signed the order at the White House and indicated that his country supports the Ukrainians “in defending their territory and their democracy in the face of Putin’s brutal war.”

The rule signed by Biden, which facilitates the flow of military equipment, “is based on a World War II program to help Europe resist Hitler,” the White House said. Acknowledging the billions of dollars spent by the United States, Biden said “giving in to aggression is even more costly.”

President Biden’s signature comes the day after the Allied victory in Europe in 1945, marking the defeat of Hitler’s Germany. Biden stressed that this Monday (05.09.2022) marks the anniversary of Europe Day, which celebrates the beginning of the European Union in 1950 and the creation of an “economic power” and a “global peace force”.

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In addition, the United States will suspend tariffs on steel from Ukraine for a year, to try to help that industry in the face of harsh attacks by Russian forces, the Commerce Department reported this day.

The tariffs, of 25% on Ukrainian steel imports, had been put into practice in 2018 by the then US president, Donald Trump (2017-2021), with the aim of protecting the US industry.

“For steelmakers to remain a lifeline to the people of Ukraine, they must be able to continue exporting steel,” Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said in a statement.

The Commerce Secretary stressed that the announcement of the one-year tariff exemption is “a signal to the people of Ukraine” of the US “commitment” to “help them prosper amid the aggression of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin “. Raimondo also stressed that Ukraine’s steel factories are among the main targets of bombing by Russian forces.

According to data from the Department of Commerce, the steel industry and related sectors account for about 12% of Ukraine’s gross domestic product.

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At the end of April, US President Joe Biden formally asked Congress for 33 billion dollars in additional aid to Ukraine, of which more than 20 billion will go to military assistance to support kyiv’s fight against the Russian invasion, launched last February 24.

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