Zelenski decorates a small sapper dog, who barked at the Prime Minister of Canada (VIDEO)

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky decorated to a small dog for his work in detecting mines. It is ‘Patrón’, a specimen of the Jack Russell Terrier breed that He received a medal for loyal service.

The decoration was celebrated on May 8, within the framework of the meeting that Zelensky had with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, in kyiv. At the event, the Ukrainian president awarded a group of sappers, who carry out their work with the help of Canadian-made equipment.

According to the Office of the President, Patron has found 236 explosive devices and the dog is part of a social awareness program on the risk of mines. “Children love it, and thanks to ‘Patrón’ they assimilate information better,” reads the statement.

“Today I want to honor those Ukrainian heroes who are already clearing our territory of mines. And together with our heroes, the wonderful little sapper ‘Patron’, who helps not only in defusing explosive devices, but also teaches our children on the necessary safety rules in areas where there are mine threats,” Zelensky said.

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However, the prime minister of Canada did not seem to like the dog, who tried to bark at Trudeau.