Susy Díaz: “Néstor Villanueva was disrespectful in the marriage (with Flor)”

The businesswoman and former congresswoman, Susy Díaz, pointed out that Flor Polo’s still husband had little respect for her marriage and recognized that her daughter made the mistake of trusting the singer too much.

He said so during an interview for the program ‘En boca de todos’, where he participated with Flor Polo in the sequence ‘Catarsis’.

He was disrespectful to the marriage. I believe that in marriages there must be a lot of respect for the wife and children. And what has been seen is passed (overlooked this)”, said Susy Diaz saddened.

These statements were reaffirmed by Flor, who reflected that the best thing about her marriage is her two children: “I corroborate (that there was) little respect in marriage. Things have already happened, but for a reason God makes things happen. I have my children, the loves of my life, Adriano and Estéfano, I love them with all my soul”.

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Susy Díaz recognized that Flor’s mistake was trusting Néstor Villanueva too much and even assured that based on her experience she knows that the singer will not give her daughter a divorce.

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