Michael Stuart: the winner of “Your face rings a bell 2” who thought about retiring from music

In 2005, a reggaeton song, the most popular genre of the moment, took the playlists of different radio stations in Latin America by surprise. With “Nobody Knows”, the singer Michael Stuart, who won the latest edition of “Your face sounds to me” he left behind the tributes to try new compositions.

However, beyond his small success with Czechthe American of Puerto Rican descent could not cross borders again with such success as he achieved more than 15 years ago.

Although his work was discreet, the musician has had great collaborations with “heavyweights” of music, mainly salsa.

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With a 26-year career, Michael does not have a showcase full of awards, as many of his colleagues in salsa do, but he does have several memories with Tito Puente, Ricky Martin, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Celia Cruz.

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Precisely, it was with “The Queen of Salsa” with whom he best adapted, striking up a great friendship, as he doubts. “We shared a record label in New York and we crossed paths at the facilities. He looked at me and said ‘how are you my beautiful black?’. It was the most that I had in mind and knew about me and my career”, he counted.

Michael Stuart won "Your face sounds like 2" playing Juan Gabriel (Photo: Michael Stuart / Instagram)
Michael Stuart won “Your face sounds like 2” playing Juan Gabriel (Photo: Michael Stuart / Instagram)

With the support of Celia, the singer began to gain some recognition at the regional level, taking some awards such as People Choice Tropical and Revelation Artist.

Stuart’s talent served him so that in Puerto Rico, the country of his parents and with which he identifies, he was awarded as “Example for youth” by the House of Representatives.


By 2010, Stuart’s career would take a turn when, little by little, his collaborations ceased to have a presence on radio and other platforms.

“The industry stopped respecting the artist. His career ceased to be important and importance was only given to the one with a song playing on the radio, ”he complained.

That was how, he assures, he realized that many artists, to be taken into account, had to make many sacrifices, including financial ones.

“It was a very tough time in my life. I was determined to stay away from music because I wasn’t interested in being in that singer vs. singer or manager vs. manager fight,” he commented.

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Closer to retirement than a big comeback, Stuart seems determined to listen to his artistic side rather than enter the entertainment and industry game to hit the industry.

“Music is not for breaking records and selling t-shirts. Music is made by the artist to make history. People have to decide what they want in life. Do you want to have money and be a millionaire or have photos with Celia Cruz and Tito Puente in your home? I chose the photos,” he noted.