Woman suspected of threatening to kill Israeli Prime Minister arrested

A woman from the city of Ashkelon, in southern Israel, was arrested on Monday accused of sending death threats to the family of that country’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett.

According to detail local media, the 65-year-old suspect is an active user of social networks, where she speaks out strongly against the head of government. “Bennett, only the silence of your heart will bring salvation“, reads one of the woman’s publications.

Israeli Police, cited per AP, reported that additional details of the case remained under a gag order issued by the court.

On April 26, the Israeli Prime Minister received a letter containing a bullet, addressed to Bennett and also to his wife Gilat. Two days later, a second letter arrived at the family’s home in Ra’anana town, also with a bullet in the envelope, in this case addressed to the prime minister’s 15-year-old son, Yoni. Both notes urged Bennett to resign if he did not want his family harmed.

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As a result of the threats, it was decided strengthen security the prime minister and his family. Bennett, for his part, had hinted that the threats were made for political reasons, saying in a tweet that such disagreements should not lead to “violence, harassment or death threats.”

“I am the Prime Minister and a political figure, but I am also a husband and a father, and it is my duty to protect my wife and children,” he wrote, while urging “everyone, from across the political spectrum, especially to people who are active in social networks” to “lower the flames of political discourse”.