He is a surgeon, but he works every weekend selling sweets as a street vendor: “I am happy there”

Argentine media disclosed the incredible history of Julio César Adad, a man from Rosario who, despite working as a surgeon, finds time every weekend to work as a Hawker. “I’m happy there,” said the citizen, who sells caramelized caramelized apples, pears and candied apples on the street every Saturday, Sunday and holiday.

According to the local media Todo Noticias, Julio has been working as a street vendor since 2009 in the company of Débora, his wife. As a child, he used to accompany his parents when they went out at their candy stand, so continuing the family business became a tradition.

“I grew up next to a cart and I still do. People have come that I attend with a hat and a chinstrap, but they see me as a familiar face, so I ask them, how is your hip? And they can’t believe it’s me”, declared the man, who is also a first-year professor in the Medicine career at the National University of Rosario (UNR).

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There were dates when the trauma surgeon could not carry out his work due to medical residency. According to him, in those days he felt that “something was missing”.

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The cart is my life. I can’t not go on a Sunday. I have internalized it, my wife understood it and banked me. It is a matter of mine not to lose identity, ”she explained.

when i’m there i’m happy, although also when I am in an operating room. I don’t even think about what they are paying me. Many people are surprised how a surgeon is selling popcorn, and the reality is that with what he earns today as a doctor he is not enough, “he added.

Study medicine? How do I know if this is the right career for me?

Careers related to the field of health are specialties of great responsibility. Applicants to this type of profession must evaluate their decision, doing a self-analysis of their abilities, skills and aptitudes. In this way, they will be able to reaffirm their vocation or reconsider an option that is more in line with their profile, points out orientation.universia.net.co.

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For those who wish to pursue human health, there are different specialties available. In addition to the Medicine career, there are other related ones, such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Bacteriology, Surgical Instrumentationamong other.

For all these specialties, a special profile is required, because their academic and professional stage requires great effort and a high sense of responsibility.

To do this, we will share some questions that respond to the profile that a professional dedicated to the field of health demands.

This is not a vocational test, it is just a help to better understand our interests and preferences, and make the best decision based on it.

Please take some time to answer the following:

  • Are you interested in science in its different fields?
  • Do you have the ability to relate to all kinds of people?
  • Do you consider yourself a patient person?
  • He like to work in team?
  • Do you have a vocation for service?
  • Do you consider yourself a persevering person in all areas of life?
  • Do you consider that you have emotional intelligence, that is, the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions correctly, in a way that facilitates relationships with others?
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If you answered yes to these questions, then you may be looking at the right career for you, however, you should continue your evaluation by taking a vocational test and researching as much as possible about health careers.