Weekly schedule of “The rich also cry”, “Warring Heart”, “The inheritance” and more soap operas from Las Estrellas

What schedule do the soap operas have? The stars? During the week, from May 9 to 13, Mexican soap operas premiere chapters and here we tell you everything you should keep in mind about the television grid. There will be new episodes of “Warring Heart”, “The Inheritance”, and “The Rich Also Cry”, which surprised with the new version of the iconic soap opera mansion of TelevisaUnivision with Sebastián Rulli and Claudia Martín.

The fictions are at their best, despite high competition from other productions like the Turkish ones or the changes of the ways in seeing the streaming television and current issues.

But the stories of Mexico they still retain a privileged place within the preference of the public. In addition, there has been a commitment to remakes of successful soap operas, such as the case of “Rich people cry too”.

For this reason, faced with a great offer of novelswe detail you in this note about the daily programming of the different novels of the starsso that you don’t miss any news or so that you venture into a fiction.

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Alejandra Espinoza is the protagonist of "Warring Heart."  (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)
Alejandra Espinoza is the protagonist of “Warring Heart.” (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)


“Abyss of passion” | 3:30 p.m.

The famous soap operaabyss of passion” has been produced by Angelli Nesma for the Televisa network. This production is an adaptation of the 1996 telenovela “Cañaveral de pasiones” with the original plot by Caridad Bravo Adams.

Among the actors are Angelique Boyer and David Zepeda, Sabine Moussier, Blanca Guerra and Altair Jarabo among others.

“Warrior Heart” | 4:30 p.m.

Warrior heart” is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía for TelevisaUnivision. It is an adaptation of the Argentine melodrama “Valientes”, by Marcos Carnevale and Lily Ann Martin.

The telenovela tells the story of three brothers, Jesús (Gonzalo García Vivanco), Damián (Rodrigo Guirao) and Samuel (Christian de la Campa), who upon the death of their father are separated and given up for adoption to different families. When they meet again, the brothers swear in front of their father’s grave to take revenge on Augusto Ruíz Montalvo (Diego Olivera), who destroyed his family.

To achieve their goal, the Guerrero brothers gain the trust of their enemy until they infiltrate his closest circle: his family.

“As the saying goes” | 5:30 p.m.

as the saying goes” is a Mexican anthology series produced by Genoveva Martínez and created by Vittoria Zarattini and José Antonio Olvera for the Televisa network since 2011.

This production narrates various stories where a popular saying and a theme are selected that are applied to real life situations, such as family violence, the economic crisis, personal growth, among others.

The series takes place in Mexico City, mainly in a cafeteria called “El Dicho”, owned by Don Tomás, where he receives help initially from his granddaughter Isabel and her employee Poncho, and later from Marieta.

“Divided love” | 6:30 p.m.

divided love” will address the importance of love for family and how all people can learn from their mistakes to get ahead. This is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for TelevisaUnivision in 2022. It is a new version of the Colombian story “Allá te esperanza”, original by Adriana Suárez and Javier Giraldo, which is adapted by Juan Carlos Alcalá.

It stars Eva Cedeño, Gabriel Soto and Andrés Palacios, along with Irina Baeva and Arturo Peniche in the antagonistic roles.

“The rose of Guadeloupe” | 7:30 p.m.

the rose of guadeloupe” recounts the miracles of the Virgin from Guadalupe through different stories of sixty minutes in each episode. In addition, it transmits positive messages of hope and fight against problems with which many people can feel identified.

“The inheritance” | 8:30 p.m.

The Heritage” is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan Osorio and Roy Nelson Rojas for TelevisaUnivision in 2022. It is the second adaptation of the Chilean telenovela “Hijos Del Monte de Víctor Carrasco”.

It stars Michelle Renaud, Matías Novoa, Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil and Mauricio Henao, along with Daniel Elbittar and Paulina Matos in the antagonistic roles.

“The rich also cry” | 9:30 p.m.

Rich people cry too” is a melodramatic television series produced by W Studios for TelevisaUnivisionthis being the fourth installment of the Dream Factory franchise in 2022.

The story is based on Mariana Villarreala girl with few resources who receives a unique opportunity when she meets Alberto Salvatierra, a tycoon who allows her to enter his house to work.

Once met the family, she falls in love with Luis Alberto Salvatierra, the son of the businessman. The feeling is reciprocal and they begin a relationship that is tainted by the different social classes.


On the other hand, “La Herencia” is about how, overnight, the life of a wealthy family changes when the patriarch dies and on the day of the reading of the will Sara (Michelle Renaud), a sister, unexpectedly takes action. that they did not know it existed and that it comes to claim what it considers to be its own. The heirs will have to live together for a year at the Santa Catalina hacienda, where the love between Sara and Juan (Matías Novoa) will be born. The main setting of the melodrama is the avocado farm, where the patriarch Don Severiano del Monte (Leonardo Daniel) and his five adopted children lived.