Migration from Latin America, in the future of Europe?

Citizens of the European Union today delivered proposals for the future of Europe. They would like a migration adapted to the needs of the European labor market. And the thousands of Latin Americans seeking asylum?

On Europe Day, the leaders of the European Union have received from the hands of representatives of the “Conference on the Future of Europe” (CoFoE), 49 proposals and 300 concrete measures to change and improve the lives of the citizens of the Union. Among his concrete proposals: regulate legal migration and reform the asylum system. Does this concern Latin America? Yes.

In the 16 measures regarding legal and illegal migration and asylum, which the citizens of the four cardinal points of the European Union have elaborated, debated and agreed upon, is the possibility of improving the system of “blue card” o “blue card”: it is about attracting to the EU countries those people with the qualifications required by the European labor market. The intensification of this directive, which already exists in the EU, entails the risk -for the countries of origin- of “brain drain”, and is clearly expressed in the citizens’ proposal.

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“These citizens’ proposals do not surprise me. It is something that the European Parliament has been defending, because we need to launch a new system in Europe that is more open, but also controlled,” explains Dita Charanzová, vice-president of the European Parliament and member of the CoFoE.

“Our friends from Latin America are always welcome in Europe, because it is a close continent to us,” adds the Czech MEP, who is a member of the liberal bloc. “That will allow us to have an open Europe that can receive refugees, but also legal migrants in Europe,” she points out.

For her part, Mónica Silvana González, vice president of the Delegation for Relations with Mercosur Countries, told DW: “The blue card It’s fine, for highly-skilled migrants, but it’s going to be totally insufficient. The challenge that Europe has is to also welcome economic migrants caused by climate change, such as droughts, especially in Central America,” adds González, MEP for Spain from the socialist bloc.

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In order for the 27 Member States to act in greater harmony, not unanimously, and with greater speed -two express requests from the citizens-, a reform of the treaties is envisaged. “Here there are three presidents with a common message,” said Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, at a press conference at the end of the conference, emphasizing the will to move forward.

“There are changes that will require changes in the treaties; there are changes that will require greater political decision, but we are willing to take the steps,” said Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission.

“When we opened this conference, a year ago, we did not imagine that it would mean the return of dreams and ambitions,” said Emmanuel Macron, the French president, representing the rotating presidency of the European Council. A convention to reform the treaties would be convened in June, at the end of his term as president of the Council. “It is time to dream and act in a big way,” Macron stressed.

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