Kevin Feige admits one of the biggest recent Marvel controversies

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Marvel Studios is dealing with one of its biggest controversies. The president of the study, Kevin Feige, has ended up finally recognizing her.

Not all that glitters is gold. Although the success of Marvel Studios it’s obvious (just look at the box office he’s doing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), the study of Kevin Feige He is no stranger to controversy. In fact, he has to hang out with her more often than he deserves. One of the most recent is the adaptation of Kamala Khan in Disney+. The series starring Iman Vellani It’s been confirmed for a while, and from the beginning, viewers have had the feeling that they were going to make a bad adaptation of the origins of the character and his superpowers, especially considering what happened with Inhumans. The series was what it was and… Anyway, from those muds, these sludges.

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Kevin Feige has recently talked about this, as our colleague has collected What is Vacuum. The president of Marvel Studios has spoken on the subject of Kamala Khan and has openly acknowledged that they are going to change the origin and translation of her powers in the television series. “Kamala Khan emerged at a specific time within the comics continuity,” the Hollywood executive argued. «He Now he is going to arrive at a specific moment within the continuity of the UCM. Those two things did not coincide.

It’s Kamala’s time, although there will be changes!

This is the first time that Kevin Feige has spoken publicly about the significant changes that the protagonist of Ms Marvel. The Disney+ television series will premiere soon within the streaming catalog of the House of the Mouse. It is expected that a more childish audience will access this content, since it has a clearly “teen” focus, given the protagonist. However, many UCM fans will discover in Kamala Khan an overwhelming and certainly captivating character. Moreover, the fact that she is a fan of The Avengers and her company will make us have more empathy with her than with other of the new characters that have been presented in the Phase 4 of the UCM.

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