Spotify closes Stations next May 16

Spotify is a place where you will find all the music on the Internet. Your favorite artists, their albums, the latest releases, everything that your headphones can play will be within the service and for free. However, the company has made an important decision that will affect all users and is that it will close Stations on May 16.

Goodbye to Spotify radios

One of the things that stands out about Spotify is how complete it is when it comes to working and offering you all kinds of content. On the one hand, you have the entire catalog of songs that you can consult at any time. In recent years, it has also embraced another important format: podcasts, which are increasingly successful and accepted by users.

Nor has it neglected radio stations, at least so far. And it is that the company has made a decision that will be applied very soon, as well as that Stations It will close on May 16. This function first appeared in 2018, when it began to be tested, but it seems that the company has decided to do without the service permanently.

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The departure of Stations does not have to sadden users for two reasons. The first is that you can most likely access future content from the radio stations themselves on their dedicated apps.

What you have saved you will not lose

The other thing you don’t have to worry about when Stations closes next Monday is that the content you’ve saved will remain available for when you want to refer to it in the future. This is very good news for those who will surely have to move around the new applications that will have to be downloaded. Through this link you will be able to access everything you have saved.

The company will not delete access to these files, but access to future content generated within its own radio that previously had its space on Spotify.