2022 Pulitzer Prize for Cuban-American historian Ada Ferrer

His book “Cuba: An American History” won the shared prize in the History category.

Crews, journalists and photographers from the New York Times, Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times, Quanta Magazine, Chicago Tribune, The Atlantic, The Kansas City Star, Houston Chronicle, Insider, Los Angeles Times, Getty Images, Reuters, Futuro Media and PRX, The Washington Post, among others, were awarded in this edition of the prestigious journalism awards.

In addition, a special mention was given to Ukrainian journalists for their “courage, endurance and commitment” during the war with Russia.

Pulitzer Prize winners are announced for the 106th time in New York. Former AP journalist Marjorie Miller, who took over her job as awards administrator in April, announced the winners via live broadcast.

14 of the 21 Pulitzer Prize categories are reserved for journalistic work, from investigative stories to photographs and cartoons. But the prize is also awarded to literature, music and theater.

The winners are determined by a jury based at Columbia University in New York. Last year, the Pulitzers awarded, in particular, the coverage of various US media on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the protests against racism and police brutality after the death of African-American George Floyd.

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