They throw eggs at the German Foreign Minister during an event (VIDEO)

The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, this Sunday was attacked with eggs that were thrown at her during her visit to the city of Wuppertal, located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Videos of what happened have been posted on social media.

The incident occurred shortly after Baerbock went on the scene to campaign for a candidate from his political party, ‘The Greens’, according to the media. West German Radio. The security agents did not take long to react and covered the minister with protective shields.

However, the senior official ordered her bodyguards to stand aside, and then he continued his speech. Baerbock emphasized that she doesn’t want to be bullied and accused the woman who threw the eggs of setting a fatal example.

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According to Baerbock, throwing eggs or stones at those who think differently is “a doubtful way” to exercise the right to freedom of expression. After the event ended, the head of the Foreign Ministry approached the participants to take pictures.

The alleged aggressor was removed from the place by the guards. According to the police, she is facing a criminal complaint charged with “attempted dangerous bodily harm.”

Non-isolated cases

It is not the first time that Baerbock has suffered similar incidents. On April 30, she was booed by about 150 people who tried to boycott her speech with howls of a siren and shouts of “warmonger and liar.” This reaction was due to the fact that the policy defended the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine to help the kyiv resistance in the framework of the Russian military operation.

At the end of the same month, two appearances by the Federal Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck, also on the ecological side of the Executive, were interrupted by a group of activists during the electoral campaign in the same state.

  • ‘The Greens’ have for decades advocated ‘no’ to any arms shipments, but the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has caused some of their representatives to change their minds.
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