IICA honors a Mexican woman for her efforts to empower rural women

San José, May 9 (Latest) .- The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) honored Mexican Juana García Palomares with the “Rural Leader” award this Monday for her efforts and support to empower women rural in your country.

García was recognized for her career in favor of the well-being of rural communities and the production of healthy food in harmony with nature.

“We have identified that in our country the contribution of women in labor for food production is 43% of the total. However, when we compare the support received by men and women, there is a gap that makes us vulnerable. This reality We have faced it looking for organizational options,” explained the Mexican in a press release.

For this reason, it was that in 2017 it promoted the National Association of Rural Women Entrepreneurs, made up of 127 entities and a total of 9,000 affiliated women in the 32 Mexican states, whose objective is to guarantee that food is produced with high quality standards. and sustainability.

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The winner of the award indicated that despite the great extension and the extraordinary diversity of cultures and ecosystems that Mexico has, the weaknesses, threats, opportunities and strengths of women farmers throughout the country are similar.

“This is a great country in which women have a great wealth of traditional knowledge that makes them strong. But that accumulation of experiences would not make sense without associations and organizations of women and men from the countryside and from the city who work together to find solutions for day-to-day problems,” Garcia said.

The women who make up the Association produce crops such as cocoa, nuts, vegetables, corn or beans, as well as elaborated products such as jams, dairy products, beers or natural cosmetics, as well as flowers and raise livestock.

García has also led a wildlife conservation management unit in the southern state of Chiapas for more than 25 years, in which he is dedicated to animal production and environmental restoration.

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The Mexican is also a promoter of the collective organization of small and medium-sized farmers and director of Gender Equality for the municipality of Berriozábal, a position from which she works with vulnerable communities in the eradication of domestic violence, among other problems.

The recognition of the Rural Leaders of the Americas is carried out by IICA to reward and give visibility to those who fulfill a double irreplaceable role, being guarantors of food and nutritional security and at the same time guardians of the planet’s biodiversity through of production in any circumstance.

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