Mexican beauty brands for moms!

Mom to Mom

This expert brand in skin care during pregnancy is one of our favorites, not only because of its great effectiveness but also because of who is behind it: three sisters who are mothers and who realized that in Mexico there were few product options for skin care during pregnancy, the rest is history… Now, these women remind us that you can be an entrepreneur, successful and mom at the same time.

But what makes Mom to Mom so special? That the products are designed for the different stages: at the beginning of pregnancy, from month 6 to 9 where you will need maximum hydration, in the postpartum period, and throughout your motherhood. Creams, oils and even masks for the belly, any of the products are guaranteed, so make sure they accompany you along this incredible path.

Kit MOM to MOM ETAPA ”c & forever” Mom to Mom

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And since we are talking about preparing you during pregnancy, keep these other brands designed for your baby on your radar.

bamboo baby

Organic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-allergic: these are some of the main characteristics of these blankets designed even for the most sensitive skin. In addition, they are made of bamboo muslin and you can use them to wrap your baby, cover him or her, for the stroller, and there are options for towels, repeaters and even sleeping bags.

bamboo baby


This little nest will be an ally during your baby’s 0 to 11 months, promoting his rest. It is light and easy to transport, so you can take it wherever you want and make sure that your baby will sleep in a suitable place, of course, always under supervision, it also has incredible designs and you can customize it.


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