Nightmare of Decay, the Resident Evil fan who points to the classics for less than a Big Mac

The Steam catalog is so extensive that many times games that deserve to be pointed out are hidden. Among them we find Nightmare of Decay, a title that is defined as a “first person action and horror game” developed by a single person. Checkmaty, its creator, released version 1.0 on May 3 at a ridiculous price: for 3.99 euros you return to a mansion flavored with the Resident Evil formula.

This is Nightmare of Decay, now available on Steam

“After going to sleep one night, you wake up trapped in a mansion infested with zombies, fanatic psychopaths and a host of other horrors,” Checkmaty notes in the official description. “You must use a variety of weapons and limited resources in a brutal battle for survive while escaping the nightmare…or die trying.”

Its only person in charge explains that the proposal revolves around three keys: explore, fight and survive. In fact, in the last one he calls the fans who are looking for “a hardcore survival experience”. At the time of writing these lines, it has an overall “very positive” rating in the Steam review system. A total of 399 user reviews recommend playing it.

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“It’s a great indie game in the vein of Resident Evil 1, Silent Hil, and with a hint of Resident Evil 4 and Cry of Fear,” writes DarkGriffen in his review. “Surely the average user will take about 2 or 3 hours to complete the campaign, and it’s well paced. After completing it you have a few optional game modes.” Among these modes, a mode that randomly generates the location of the enemies and some rooms of the adventure stands out. “Overall, if you’re a big fan of classic survival horror, give it a try,” he concludes.

Nightmare of Decay is optimized for modest teams. Its minimum points to Windows 7 with 2 GB of RAM, a Dual Core processor and 1 GB of free space on the hard drive. In his Steam profile you will find a demo in case you are not convinced yet.

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