Julián Gil: why he really separated from Marjorie de Sousa and her son

Julian Gil He is remembered for playing the charming “Francesco” in “Los Barriga” and the funny “Carlos” in “What’s wrong with my family?”. However, the fate of its charismatic characters they walk away from their sad separation with Marjorie de Sousawhich was encouraged to talk.

The Argentine actor recently appeared in “The Interview with Yordi Rosado”, where he revealed his professional projects and the relationship he had with Marjorie de Sousa.

In addition, he revealed the influence of alcohol, a problem that his parents also suffered, in the separation of the Venezuelan actress and model.


In the interview, the actor recalled that he met De Sousa in a project they headed in 2014 and they became great friends. After this, she moved to the same building where Gil lived, who at that time had another relationship.

One day, as revealed, the Venezuelan called him to deny that she was the cause of the separation of Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán. The Argentine would have listened to her and comforted her, in addition to asking her on several occasions to respond to her accusations.

Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil are Matias' parents (Photo: Instagram)
Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil are Matias’ parents (Photo: Instagram)

That was how, in a meeting she had with her friends, the model came to ask for advice, but ended up joining the party, where they both ended up drunk and had sex, of which would get pregnant.

“A bucket of cold water fell on me, right? And after that we sat down at the table to find out how we would solve the situation, ”she pointed out.

Although there was talk of move in together and get marriedThey separated for work, but kept in touch until the birth of their son.


Although they had decided to start a family together, alcohol problems that tormented the actress’s mother ended up separating them.

“Sometimes I take responsibility for my childhood traumas. I come from a family that, as I explained to you, I come from alcoholic parents”, explained the Argentine.

According to her version, the woman prevented her from being close to her son, for which she asked De Sousa to move or rent a home for her mother to help her with her drinking problems, but the Venezuelan refused.

“If you leave, I will understand that you abandoned us,” said Gil, which were the words of the actress.

The actor ended up leaving the house, so he was notified by Marjorie’s lawyer that he had been sued for abandonment of home.

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