Francis: the Church does not reject homosexuals, people of the Church do

“God is a father and does not deny any of his children,” writes the pontiff in his brief response to an American Jesuit priest.

The Church does not reject homosexuals, but “people of the Church” do, says Pope Francis in response to a letter sent by American Jesuit priest James Martin on the most common questions asked by LGBTIQ Catholics and their families .

“God is a father and does not deny any of his children,” writes the pontiff in his brief response, published today in the “Outreach” medium, along with Father Martin’s questions: What would you say is the most important thing that people LGBT people should know about God? What would you like LGBT people to know about the church? and What tells an LGBT Catholic that he has experienced rejection from the church?

The result is a “mini-interview”, as defined by the priest, activist for the rights of LGBT Catholics, general editor of the Jesuit magazine América and appointed by Francis as a consultant to the Vatican Secretariat of Communications in 2017.

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“Regarding your questions, I can think of a very simple answer,” Francis writes in a handwritten letter in Spanish that appears published in the US media along with the English text.

To the first question, the pope replies that “God is a Father and does not deny any of his children. And God’s ‘style’ is ‘closeness, mercy and tenderness’. Along this path you will find God”, while regarding what he would like the LGBT community to know about the Church states that they “read the book of the Acts of the Apostles. There is the image of the living Church”.

Francis is clear about what he would say to a Catholic from that community who has suffered rejection from the Church.

“It would make him see that it is not ‘the rejection of the Church’ but of ‘people of the Church.’ to the feast: ‘just, sinners, rich and poor, etc.’ A ‘selective’ Church, a ‘pure blood’ Church, is not Holy Mother Church, but a sect”, he affirms.

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The pope has condemned the rejection of homosexual people on numerous occasions and last January, during a general audience, he asked parents to accompany a child who has a different sexual orientation and not hide in behaviors of condemnation “(efe)

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