The Brazilian Police say that the complaint for the rape and death of a Yanomami girl points to a “misunderstanding”

The Federal Police of the Brazilian state of Roraima reported that there are indications that the complaint of the death of an indigenous girl after a rape by illegal miners was a misunderstanding. However, the investigation is still open.

“The investigation is not yet concluded and new facts can still be given. We will continue to listen to the indigenous people. But everything leads us to believe that the complaint, I cannot say that it was made, is the consequence of a sequence of speeches and narratives that were created in a specific situation”, explained the Police delegate, Daniel Ramos, at a press conference, and that pick up local media.

According to Ramos, this “misunderstanding” would have arisen after an indigenous person saw an institutional video from an NGO about the recent problems of sexual violence within the Yanomami Indigenous Land and later recounted the events to a relative.

“This second indigenous person concluded, based on the elements he had, that members of his community would have been victims of the violence shown in the video. This fact would have led them to contact the indigenous leader in charge of formalizing the complaint,” he points out in a statement. communiqué the corporation.

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“no evidence”

The official complaint was made on April 25 by the president of the Yanomami Health Council, Júnior Hekurari. Two days later, the Federal Police, the Public Ministry and the National Indian Foundation (Funai) moved to the village.

In a note jointly, the three agencies reported then that they had found no evidence of the reported facts. Arriving at the village, the procession found it empty and several houses burnedwhich generated a significant reaction on social networks demanding answers.

However, last Friday, Hekurari informed the Police that the group had already been found, and had moved to other areas of the Yanamomi Indigenous Land.

According to the Police, this migration occurred due to the death of an indigenous due to natural causes and not for a crime. Authorities are also investigating what happened in the fire.

The Condisi-YY has already reported that the burning could have been caused by the indigenous people themselves, because it is tradition that after the death of a loved one the community is burned and moved to another place.

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