Bolivia: university assembly ends with at least three dead and 40 injured

One of the attendees of a university assembly in Bolivia detonated a tear gas grenade, causing a stampede that ended with at least three dead students and 40 wounded, authorities reported.

“The explosion of a tear gas grenade in the middle of a student assembly at the Tomás Frías de Potosí University led to a tragedy,” published the Bolivian newspaper Opinion. “Tear gas caused an avalanche in the coliseum of the Tomás Frías Autonomous University (UATF), in Potosí,” he confirmed. The reason digital.

In the midst of a heated debate in the sports arena of the Tomás Frías University in the Andean city of Potosí (southeast), a student activated “a gas grenade that produces an avalanche and as a result we have three people dead,” said Commander Departmental Police, Colonel Bernardo Isnado.

The state university “is in mourning, because three university students have died as a result of this criminal disaster” and “there are 40 wounded,” said its rector, Pedro López, at a joint press conference with Colonel Isnado.

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Hundreds of students were gathered in the coliseum of the university to elect their new leaders, said López. In the midst of differences between the two sides, one of the attendees threw the tear gas grenade causing panic and desperation of the hundreds of students to leave the closed place, explained the rector.

The public hospital of the mining city of 270,000 inhabitants was collapsed by the large number of injured and the arrival of desperate relatives who wanted to know about the situation of the students.

The newspaper Duty Shortly after, he raised the number of fatalities to four, citing Colonel Isnado himself.

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