Graphics of the future: Unreal Engine 5’s terrifying new tech demo

we all know that this generation has started with a seized engine and it still circulates to the trantran. Given the lack of stock of PS5 and Xbox Series (there will be no consoles until 2024), most developers prefer their games to come out on all possible platforms, be they new or old, and we are getting used to intergenerational projects that do not finish exploiting the technological potential of the machines. There are even those who have lost faith and already think that there is not much room for improvement at the graphic level. Ha!

We bring them a new display of Unreal Engine 5. A technical demonstration of those that take away the hiccups. Or put another way, take a look at the graphics of the future. Using the new engine from the parents of Fortnite, several developers have recreated the train station Etchū-Daimon, in Japan, and the result could not be more overwhelming. an authentic festival of light effects, textures and reflections. is to imagine a horror game set in such a location and give us goosebumps.

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Unreal Engine 5, the graphics engine of the future

The new The Witcher, Kingdom Hearts 4, the next Tomb Raider, STALKER 2, Dragon Quest XII, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2… More and more games are confirming to work with the Epic Games graphics engine. Called to dominate the generation, just as Unreal Engine 3 did during the times of PS3 and Xbox 360, some time ago we broke down the 5 keys of the new engine in a small report. In it you can read the main reasons why it is becoming the preferred choice of developers.

Coming back to today’s demo, at times looking like a live-action movie, the question is, when will we get to that point? Will our “brand new” 500 euro consoles see it? Will it be the exclusive playground of the privileged PC master race? Let’s cross our fingers so that we don’t have to wait long to have projects like this in our hands that will clear us up of doubts.

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