Instagram is already starting the tests to start investing in cryptocurrencies

Meta is trying by all means that the metaverse becomes the present of many people. This means that users have an element to enter it, such as virtual reality glasses, something that is not yet available to everyone but will be sooner or later. But first it seems that he wants to establish the economic program leaving users invest in NFTs from Instagram.

Investment tests in NFTs begin in Meta

There are many users who have seen in the field of cryptocurrencies a world to explore and in which to put their money to work. Some may no longer be interested after they learned that they have to declare the cryptocurrencies they have in their Income Tax return. But that is old news, or at least it is for all those who have to do it even under these conditions.

But the fact is that nowadays it is not only invested in cryptocurrencies as such, but it is done through NFTs in order to have an image in its name, like the one that a Velazquez has in the living room of his home (if anyone has one).

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Meta takes time not only to use a system with which to pay with the same currency everywhere, but he also wants his home to be home to all those artists who sell their art as well as those interested in investing in these images. And what better platform to bring artists and investors together than Instagram.

Already in December we learned about Meta’s plans to place crypto assets on its platform, and earlier this month they already started testing how it would look within the application. What we did not suspect is that, according to what they say in 9to5Macthe company is already doing its tests within a closed circle of users who have already been able to test the platform with which they can invest in NFT from Instagram.

This is how Adam Mosseri explained it in a video in which he talked about the subject and how the project is going. As we say, only a select group of users has been able to use it, all with the conditions of the platform itself.

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Among these conditions, it is necessary to be chosen by the company itself to start operating, to have blockchain support for Ethereum and Polygon as well as Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust wallet support.