Safiye and her first night I was born and everything that will happen in “Innocents”

What will happen to Han’s kidnapper?safiye will finally sleep with Naci? Turkish soap operaInnocents”becomes interesting and generates expectation week after week, through Antena 3. Find out everything that will happen this Monday, May 9 and Tuesday, May 10.

The television production Masumlar Apartmani has established itself as one of the most watched programs not only in Turkey, but at the international level. And this has been thanks to its impressive plot and to the approach of the mental health of its characters.

In the last chapter of innocent Sayiye managed to marry Naci, on her second try, after Han showed up after being kidnapped and brutally beaten. What will happen in this week’s episodes?


Next, what will happen in the Turkish telenovela “Inocentes” on May 9 and 10, by the Antena3 signal:

1. Who took HIkmet?

Han is very nervous about the disappearance of his father, Hikmet, as he believes that he has been taken by the same man who kidnapped him. Not to worry his older sisters, so he asks Neriman to stay with Safiye and tell her that he went home with her dad. He leaves with Ceylan to look for the old man.

2. Han’s father and the kidnapper

The building’s janitor, Bayram, calls Han and tells him that his father has returned home with a strange man and they are playing chess on his doorstep. Han arrives and sees that his father is in perfect condition, but he was playing chess with the man from the dump, his kidnapper. The man does not understand what is happening and asks the Deronoglu patriarch to go to rest, but he wants to finish his game. “Dad, you don’t know who this man is,” He tells They have greatly altered. The stranger has told Hikmet that he is a classmate of his son.

3. Safiye gets upset with Han

Safiye appears along with Naci and scolds Han for supposedly taking their father away without telling them: “You are a fool. Dad can’t get up so early.”. Then, she directs her gaze towards the stranger who is with them and asks about his identity. Han and Hikmet’s kidnapper comes before her Ömer, an old schoolmate of her sister. The stranger leaves and Han tells him that he won’t leave things like this.

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4. Safiye and I was born in the same room

safiye has taken a big step, spending his first night with I was born In the same room. The couple slept in different beds, but the professor is happy with his wife’s efforts. Now the concern I was born is the attack that he suffered during his wedding night. She doesn’t want that safiye finds out, has the disease returned?

Safiye takes a very important step with Naci in "Inocentes" (Photo: OGM Pictures)
Safiye takes a very important step with Naci in “Inocentes” (Photo: OGM Pictures)

5. Han and the man from the dump

They have he keeps thinking about who the man from the dump is and the last conversation he had with him where he told him he was his brother. Han refuses to believe it and arrives to the limit to discover who this mysterious man really is, who reproaches him for having distanced himself from the family. He looks for him and he makes him hear a call from his father, telling him son. Will he accept it?

  Ömer enters the scene in "Innocents" (Photo: OGM Pictures)
Ömer enters the scene in “Innocents” (Photo: OGM Pictures)


“Innocent” narrates the life of They havea successful man who lives to support his sick father and two older sisters Safiye and Gulbenwho have an obsession with cleanliness.

On the other hand, start is a young woman with dependency problems who lives with her brother and grandfather, after suffering the abandonment of her mother. She tries to always be with everyone and is unable to end the toxic relationship that she maintains with Uygarher alcoholic boyfriend.

Their paths come together in a traffic accident, where Inci helps Han and takes him to a hospital. This couple will not be to the liking of the young man’s family, who will have to overcome many problems to achieve happiness. It ends with the death of Inci. Han tries to rebuild his life, as do his sisters, who struggle to overcome their fears of being with the men in their lives.