The unusual request of Yailin La Más Viral at her concert involving Karol G

There is no doubt that yailin known in the artistic world as “the most viral” her popularity increased once she began her relationship with the singer Anuel AA. In this sense, in addition to adding followers in the social network of the camera, she gained new fans who follow her everywhere with her music.

In the last moment yailin He swept the stage with his presentations but a strange behavior surprised his own and others in the last show he gave last weekend in Marbella, Spain. It turns out that the request made by the singer is that no one enter the show with colored wigs.

The disco that hired yailin to give his show, so he clarified it on social networks and made it clear: “Good evening dear customers, writing to inform you that as a security measure today for Yailin’s party, the most viral, I will not People who are wearing colored wigs will be allowed to enter. Thank you for understanding.”

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Apparently this was an express request from Yailin and has an immediate relationship with the singer Carol G who is the ex of Anuel AA and that is also characterized by having light blue hair, a registered trademark of the Bichota. But as if that were not enough, a Yailin fan who did not abide by the rule was fired from the concert for wearing a colored wig and reported it on social media.

“They just kicked me out of the Marbella Lounge because of my wig, I went as a fan to see Yailin and they told me that I couldn’t be there, that I had to leave, because Miss Yailin said that she wasn’t going to sing if there was a woman with a wig of this color, that is, blue. I say, I don’t know if I’m representing Karol G. I’m paying with my money, I’m going to see her as a fan and they took me out for my wig… It’s incredible,” said this woman who was harmed by the actions of Yailin.

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