Lukashenko to the peoples of the West: “Your politicians have done a lot to make you forget to whom the world owes its liberation from fascism”

Western peoples live in a “fog of lies and deceit“created by their governments that fomented neo-Nazism in Ukraine to direct it against Russia, declared the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, on May 9.

In its speech On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, the Belarusian leader addressed his message “on behalf of the Belarusian people to those who have outlawed Victory Day“.

“Your politicians have done a lot to make you forget to whom the world owes its liberation from fascism. Today, very few people who live outside of Belarus and Russia know that World War II was won by soviet soldiersby the Soviet Union, and that the Second Front, which is talked about so much today in the West, was not opened until the summer of 1944, when the victory of the USSR became evident,” he recalled.

“Tomorrow they will eliminate them”

Now the followers of Nazism, obsessed with ideas of revenge, are not willing to fight openly against the “heirs of the victorious nation,” he said, so they fill Ukraine with weapons and “fight monuments, symbols, veteransformer concentration camp inmates and even against their families”.

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“I would like the Ukrainians who succumbed to this to understand that today they are being turned into heroes, but tomorrow they will be eliminated, because Nazism is not needed in Europe. Those Western countries want us to have Nazism, they want us to be torn by contradictions, they want us to suffer,” he explained.

The president also denounced that while the Ukrainian nationalist battalions are exterminating their own people, the West considers Moscow and Minsk as aggressors, and tries to erase their culture and traditions.

Lukashenko promised that Belarus will continue to support Russia, while the Europeans and Americans themselves will bear a greater burden from the unjust sanctions imposed on the Russian and Belarusian people.

“Your money is simply spent on genocide”

In this context, Lukashenko indicated that they have taken advantage of the Western peoples with the conflicts in Yugoslavia, Iraq and now in Ukraine.

“The medieval struggle for territories and resources continues […] The same aggression is now presented under the motto of the human rights and such sustainable development of the countries”, he specified. “The ordinary people of Paris and Berlin, of Warsaw and New York, of Brussels and Amsterdam, who live with the dream of a green Sahara, with plans to save the forests of the Amazon and feed the children of Africa,” he added, addressing the peoples of the West.

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“I want you to know that your money, a lot of your money is simply being spent on genocide. You do not save any Saharathey don’t save the forests or feed the children,” he stressed.