Gian Marco on his daughter Nicole’s partner: “I prefer to have a daughter-in-law than a son-in-law”

Peruvian singer Gian Marco Zignago made it clear that he always supported his eldest daughter Nicola about her sexual orientation, who today lives in Mexico with her girlfriend, photographer Fernanda Piña.

This was revealed in an interview for the Sunday program “Día de D” on ATV, where he told how he met Fernanda, with whom he went crazy from the first time he saw her.

I am so proud of Nicole for her courage and for her honesty in saying what she felt”, he mentioned and added: “When I met Fer, his girlfriend, I went crazy. Besides, I always say that I prefer to have a daughter-in-law than a son-in-law.”, he assured.

Gian Marco took advantage of the ATV cameras to advise parents in order to talk with their children.

If there is a father or mother who senses, the culture of silence is not pretty, it hurts. Sit down with your son to talk, because that’s why you had children, to talk to them, to tell them ‘hey, something’s wrong, hey, I love you’”, said the interpreter of ‘A love song’.

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