Star Wars publishes the first official image of Ahsoka

The Ahsoka Tano series launches the first official image of the start of production online. Star Wars goes with everything in this new project.

Has returned! One of the most beloved characters in the galactic saga is back. the series of Ahsoka has published the first official image within its shooting. The project began filming today and Star Wars he wanted to celebrate sharing with all of us the first look at the set. The series stars Rosario Dawsonwho was introduced as the beloved “live action” togruta in The Mandalorian. also appeared in The Book of Boba Fettmaking the three series work as a kind of microverse within the plans of Lucasfilm in TV. Look at the image!

As you can see, in this first official image of Ahsoka we have a look at the logo they will use in the television series. A logo that was presented a couple of years ago, when the series was confirmed. We also see a lot of screens behind, perhaps doing the first camera tests. They have hidden the protagonist of the Star Wars series, obviously. But what they have not wanted to hide is that wonderful cowboy hat that represents the participation of Dave Filoni in the project. Not surprisingly, Filoni is the creator of the character and one of the men with the most weight within the studio.

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The series will work as a sequel to ‘Rebels’

The truth is that the project Ahsoka it was not going to be a series about the togruta as such. The original plans for Star Wars called for an animated sequel to Rebels, one of the most intelligent, wonderful and ambitious series of the saga in recent years. Finally, after the appearance of Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian and Dave Filoni’s entry into the studio’s live-action org chart, the series of Ahsoka went to “live action”. Therefore, it will continue to function as a sequel to Rebelswhich will mean the presentation in real action of characters so beloved by Star Wars fans as Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger the Gran Almirante Thrawn o Hera Syndullaamong others.