Mario Irivarren participates in ancestral ritual after controversy with Vania Bludau

Through his Instagram stories, Mario Irivarren shared with his followers that he participated in an ancestral ritual after being in the middle of the controversy for admitting – in the “Amor y Fuego” program – that he did have violent reactions during his romance with Vania Bludau.

The former member of “This is War” shared an extensive message in which he spoke about his experience in this ritual with which he seeks his “personal growth”.

“I was invited by a great friend, now a sister to be part of a beautiful ancestral ritual that has been a great life lesson for me. If a few years ago you talked to me about this type of situation I would have said it was crazy, but in this process of personal growth I am learning to see things with humility, leaving my ego and arrogance aside, showing the deepest respect for people and for their way of thinking and feeling, for their beliefs and their ideas”, counted at the beginning.

The model acknowledged that thanks to his participation in the ritual he is now in search of the wealth of the soul. “And it is thanks to that, that I was encouraged to put aside everything that was holding me back, ego, pride, arrogance, doubts, fears, insecurities, and I was able to enjoy this experience of disconnecting to reconnect, I who live or lived with a shell on top, that I lived pretending to be strong, tough, that I was unable to tell or show how I really felt, Suddenly I felt naked, free, without burdens, speaking from the depths of my heart as I really felt with people I had just met, asking for forgiveness and giving thanks for everything that touches and has touched me to live, because thanks to that today I seek to find wealth, not the material, but that of the soul that is the only truly valuable”, pointed out.

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Finally, Irivarren had a few words of thanks to the person who invited her to participate in this spiritual event. “I present to you Fabia, a being of light, a wonderful person, who did everything possible for me to live this beautiful experience, and a clear sign that life places the right people on our paths and that they act at the right time” , he added.

Mario assures that he did not hang Vania Bludau

On his recent visit to the set of “Amor y Fuego”, Mario Irivarren confessed that he does have a problem with anger, but ruled out that he had physically hurt his ex-partner.

“I am not an abuser or anything like that and if they ask me for a self-opinion, I am a good person who has a small problem that manifests itself in very isolated situations and when it manifests I lose control of my emotions and my impulses. Yes, I have an anger problem.” he said to ‘Peluchín’.

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At another point in the interview, Irivarren ruled out that he had hanged Bludau, a detail that the host Magaly Medina hinted at after Vania spoke with her journalistic boss about the end of their love story.

Mario Irivarren confessed that he did touch Vania Bludau roughly, although he assured that he had never hit her.

Mario Irivarren talks about the alleged affair with Ivana Yturbe and Nicola Porcella (Source: ATV)