A woman hits two Barcelona metro guards with the baton she snatched from one of them

A woman beat two guards at the Pep Ventura station of the Barcelona metro (Catalonia, Spain) this Sunday with the baton that she snatched from one of them, as can be seen in a video posted on YouTube by local media.

The recording shows how the person involved uses the weapon to tip several hits underground transportation workers, including some in the headwhile demanding that they release a man who is being reduced.

Two young people who were passing near the scene decided not to intervene. “You have to call the police because if they don’t, they’re going to hit you all there. These criminals…”, affirms the person who records the images.

Later, one of the security agents gets up, applies a key to the aggressor, throws her to the ground and she begins to scream. “There is no mistreatment,” adds the author of the video, arguing that she is the woman who has caused such a situation.

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The Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Autonomous Police) stopped in Badalona to the 35-year-old woman, for an alleged crime of injury, since one of the agents required stitches on her head. They have also opened an investigation into her 27-year-old companion.

Sergio Sánchez, Advisor to ADN Sindical, explained that the incident – which occurred during the May holidays – began when the couple, who I was drunkstopped the service, apparently to prevent any of them from missing the subway.

“A policeman should be placed in the control center and the security guards should be given the rank of law enforcement officer under his command,” he said. “Without that it is very difficult for people to respect us and behave,” he added.

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