Filtered the version of Duke Nukem Forever that fell in love with the world

One of the most interesting and controversial episodes in video game history may be writing a new episode in its history. Several new videos and comments on forums confirm that there is a build jugable de Duke Nukem Forever, just as it was conceived in its second great presentation to the public; the version that so many fans have been waiting for years and whose screenshots and trailer managed to maintain the anticipation for the game for a whole decade.

Those who have been in this for a few years will remember Duke Nukem Forever as one of the most anticipated games by PC lovers at the beginning of the millennium. Not only because Duke Nukem 3D was one of the great titles of recent years, but also because 3D Realms had raised the bar through the roof. First with the official announcement of the game, a powerful demonstration of action and polygonal violence with chases and motorized gunfights on board the engine of Quake 2; and then, three years later, with a spectacular trailer that was one of the most remembered moments of E3 2001.

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A trailer that fell in love with FPS fans

By then the game had changed its engine to adopt the first iteration of the Unreal Engine and the graphic jump was evident: more advanced physics and lighting effects, scenarios with a high degree of realism like the one shown in Las Vegas, much more detailed faces and expressive than seen in other games. Was a technical firework display, with a movie presentation and a sure promise of entertainment and fun. It seemed like a safe value, but unfortunately the development was complicated, with George Broussard determined to seek a technical revolution that he never achieved. After going down with the ship in 2009, Gearbox bought the remains of the development and the license to release their own version of the infamously reminiscent Duke Nukem Forever.

Now, a real possibility seems to have arisen to live that experience that was promised in 2001, at least in part. A working version of the development in 2001 has fallen into the hands of the community and what we know about it is promising: all game chapters present, with a considerable playable portion and another playable but without enemies; nearly all weapons available and functional, including the shrink ray, with the exception of the chainsaw and freeze ray; and, especially important, the present and functional level editor. It is far from finished, it has no end, but there is enough content to use as a base.

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In June we will know more

Not only will we be able to see and play a historical development, but the game editor and source code, so in theory and assuming that 2K and Gearbox lawyers allow it, the community itself could try to complete this version or make content linked to it. It is speculated that it will be in June when all the playable content will be released to the general public, but in the meantime you can enjoy the new videos and screenshots, a gift for lovers of video game history and Duke fans.