Russia attacks Odessa during visit of the President of the European Council

Missiles hit the Ukrainian port city, forcing Charles Michel to seek refuge. The politician was meeting with the prime minister, Denys Shmyhal.

The President of the European Council, the Belgian Charles Michel, was forced to seek refuge this Monday (05.09.2022), after the invading Russian troops launched missiles against the city of Odessa, in southern Ukraine, during a surprise visit of the European leader to that city, on the occasion of the commemoration of Europe Day.

A European Union official who asked to remain anonymous revealed that during a meeting between Michel and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, “participants had to interrupt the meeting to take cover because the missiles hit the Odessa region again. “.

The talks with the prime minister, joined by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy from kyiv via videoconference, focused on “how the EU can continue to better support Ukraine in dealing with the humanitarian, economic and military challenges it is currently facing”, added the sources. Michel indicated on Twitter that he had come to Odessa to celebrate Europe Day. “You are not alone. The EU is at your side,” he said, denouncing the “Russian aggression” against Ukraine, which began on February 24.

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According to the European official quoted by the AFP agency, Michel also verified during this surprise visit “the impact of the Russian war on global supply chains”, especially with regard to cereals, of which “numerous tons” are “blocked in port because of the Russian blockade of the Black Sea”.

This blockade “damages not only the Ukrainian economy, but also hampers the rest of the world’s access to vital food products and endangers global food security,” the source added. Michel’s visit to Odessa is the second of the high leader of the European Union to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, last February.

According to Ukrainian military sources, four Oniks-type cruise missiles were fired by the invaders this day from their positions in Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.


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