Netflix’s Marvel series already have an arrival date on Disney +

After many dimes and diretes, the Marvel series premiered on Netflix have announced the date of your arrival at Disney +. will be the next June 29, 2022 when we can enjoy them within the streaming platform. Let us remember that since last March they are no longer available anywhere and they were not exactly few. Here the complete list:

  • Daredevil (three seasons)
  • Iron Fist (two seasons)
  • Jessica Jones (three seasons)
  • Luke Cage (from seasons)
  • The Defenders (one season)
  • The Punisher (two seasons)

Will the Marvel series have a continuation?

Most of them fell between 2018 and 2019, a convulsive period of inexplicable cancellations that had little to do with the success or quality of said series. Disney entered the business of streaming platforms, recovered the rights to the characters and Netflix must have thought that there was no point paving the way to Marvel Studios, now competition. But… could Disney resurrect them?

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The question is in the air and it is totally legal given the appearance of the Matt Murdock the Netflix and Spider-Man: No Way Homeor the presence of the iconic Kingpin by Vincent D’Onofrio as a villain in the series Hawkeye. Winks that seem to indicate that all Marvel series could become canon and become part of the UCM. Pass or not, it will not be because the fans do not want to, because all kinds of initiatives and requests have already been carried out for the return of these characters, unfairly involved in the trunk of memories.