Review MARVEL THE Devil’s Reign #1. When Wilson Fisk unleashes his wrath

A new event arrives in the Universe of The House of Ideas that has as its starting point the current Daredevil collection. Panini Comics will bring us closer in four installments in the reign of the devil to the consequences of the anger caused in the former Kingpin not being able to access the file that kept the secret identity of the Guardian Devil.

unleashing the dogs

Wilson Fisk is not a man who takes very well not to get his way. Beginning his honeymoon with Typhoid Mary at his retirement home in upstate New York, he found a dossier that stated on its cover “Secret Identity of Daredevil”. When you open it to see its content, you find it impossible to read it, blank pages or pages full of nonsense words, the work and grace of what Zebediah Killgrave’s children did in their day to restore Matt Murdock’s superheroic anonymity. The anger that the Mayor of New York has taken has been monumental.

So big that little less has unleashed a conflict against all the heroes who practice their profession in the city, prohibiting the use of their powers. To do this, he will use not only the law enforcement forces under his command, but also hire superpowered henchmen to be his bloodhounds in pursuit, the Thunderbolts. Villains and others who don’t fit into that category so much that they act like heroes if the pay is good and immunity welcomes them. A lineup with the Rhino, Scream, the female version of Electro, and the US Agent, but also includes the Beater or Doctor Octopus.

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Don’t start a war

As happened with Cap’s side in the Civil War, in the reign of the devil, those persecuted go underground automatically. They’re harassed by a heavily armed police force who don’t hesitate to wield Fisk’s new Powers Law to try to take into custody those who don’t obey, including the heavyweights of the Marvel Universe. And if dangerous is the one who acts out of spite, more so can be the one who does it in response to a moral affront, who prioritizes the lives of others over his own physical integrity, who sacrifices himself day by day to make the world a better place. , who rests at night because he has done his job, has given everything in exchange for very little and now is persecuted for it.

In all wars there are deaths, collateral damage, victims who have not taken part in the decisions that led to it but pay the consequences. Everything has a price to pay, sometimes a very high one. Faced with the limitations to benefit society, it is she herself who unites to overthrow her dictators, those who mask decisions for the common good while only thinking of their own benefit, including their political gain, in continuing their careers giving major steps, such as going from Mayor to President of the Nation in a campaign that seeks to discredit the opponent to distract attention, speak ill of others so that they do not speak ill of me.

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The look that returns the mirror

Chip Zdarsky is in charge of transferring what he has been orchestrating in the Daredevil collection to Devil’s reign. Although the leading role becomes choral, there is no doubt that everything revolves around the main villain plus the two Guardian Devils that Hell’s Kitchen currently has. Matt and Elektra have been having a strained relationship with Fisk for some time, never coming to actual hands, the Mayor pulling strings behind the scenes with the Stromwyns supervising their work, Matt on a journey that has led him to accept responsibility for a manslaughter going through jail for a good while and Miss Natchios taking over as the new Daredevil.

Both in the Cuernecitos series and in Devil’s Reign we have had the extraordinary pencils of the Italian Marco Checchetto, one of the “hot artist” which La Casa de las Ideas currently has. Without leaving the usual dark tone of Daredevil, here we are less limited at night or closed spaces so it looks different but equally spectacular, very well accompanied by one of the colorists who has been embellishing his art lately, Marcio Menyz.

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Devil’s Reign It threatens to spread beyond New York City but just like Iron Man, The 4 F’s, Luke Cage, Spiderman and company don’t think it’s such a good idea. The party is served, the guests are luxurious, everything is ready for the fireworks to arrive, the explosions are guaranteed. It only remains to be seen how many aces Wilson Fisk has left in order to defeat Daredevil and those who line up for freedom and justice.