41 Premieres to watch this week on Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Movistar+ May 9 – 15

After the first week of May in which no less than 100 releases were brought together, all the VOD platforms slow down their rate of releases a bit this second week of the month -normal, with everything that is pending to be seen. But that does not mean that there are no new movies and series to watch. On the contrary: there are premieres and very interesting ones:

On Netflix we have the premiere of Lincoln’s Lawyer. Season 1 – Friday the 13th – After an accident, famed Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller restarts his career (and his branded car) when he takes on a murder case. Y The empire of ostentation. Season 1 – Some (really) rich and partying Asian and Asian-American friends from Los Angeles take the parties, glamor and drama to maximum power in this reality show.

And HBO Max conversations between friends, series based on the homonymous novel written by Sally Rooney, and that focuses on the life of Frances and her best friend, Bobbi. Their relationship begins to crack little by little when they begin to get closer to the writer Melissa and her husband Nick.

In Amazon Prime Video we have Lola Indigo. The girl: Lola Indigo has one of the most important appointments of her career ahead of her. For any artist, without a doubt, a concert that would be the definitive step in achieving a dream: to be a music star. But Lola Indigo is not just any artist. Behind that mass idol figure hides Mimi, a woman determined to leave her mark since she was a child and who likes to face her career in a different way, giving importance to the things that truly deserve it.

One of the most outstanding premieres of the week is Disney+ with how i met your father, a spin off / sequel derived from the popular series that tells the story of how Sophie (Hilary Duff) met the father of her child. Keeping the same proposal although changing the point of view, only time will tell if it has the same success and duration as the original.

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Y Sneakerella: Cenicienta en Zapatillas, a twist to the concept of Cinderella, only reversing the roles a bit and updating it to a current environment in which mobile phones, social networks and MET-type galas are the background of the story.

Series Netflix mayo 2022

11 mayo

42 days in the dark

13 mayo

The Lincoln Lawyer

New goals

Netflix Movies May 2022

9 mayo

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Guerra sostenible

captive nation

11 mayo

the escape master

13 mayo

back to school

14 mayo

Curse of the Witching Tree

the time of the monsters


Anne by day

Documentaries and Netflix Specials May 2022

11 mayo

Our father

13 mayo

The empire of ostentation, season 2

Series HBO Max mayo 2022

15 mayo

conversations between friends

Movistar+ Movies May 2022

Mars 10

Fortune smiles on Lady Nikuko

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). The tender and sweet story of the optimistic (and unlucky) Nikuko and her daughter Kikuko is the center of this animation production from the 4ºC studio, which usually alternates commercial work for companies such as Warner Bros. (‘Animatrix’, ‘Batman. Guardian of Gotham’) with more intimate films, such as the award-winning ‘Children of the Sea’.

Wednesday 11

The East

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). War cinema and psychological thriller come together in this violent and relentless approach to one of the darkest (and unknown) episodes in the history of the Netherlands: the brutal repression, torture and summary executions that the Dutch army carried out against the population. Indonesia during its war of independence, mixing reality and fiction, historical facts and personal stories.

Friday the 13th

mom or dad

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). A hilarious family comedy in which Paco León (‘Arde Madrid’) and Miren Ibarguren (‘Supernormal’) bring to life the parents that every child would like to have: modern, funny, affectionate… until they decide to divorce and the opportunity appears job they’ve been dreaming of all their lives. From there they start a relentless war to NOT keep custody of the children.

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Saturday 14

the last survivors

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). Drew Van Acker (‘Pretty Little Liars’), Stephen Moyer (‘True Blood’) and Alicia Silverstone (‘Clueless (Out of wave)’) star in this thriller that begins as post-apocalyptic science fiction and ends in a triangle of relationships doomed to disaster and self-knowledge.

Domingo 15

the last son

Premieres by M+ (dial 30). Sam Worthington (“Avatar”) and rapper/actor Colson Baker (better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly) star in this twilight western about a tortured gunslinger determined to end it all. The curse of this outlaw is that, before he dies, he must stop his son, who has become a more savage and cruel killer than he ever was.

Movistar+ series May 2022

Monday 9

The man who fell to earth. Temporada 1

Series 2 by M+ (dial 12). An intimate and universal story with dystopian overtones that invites us to rediscover our world through the eyes of another. A science-fiction drama inspired by Walter Tevis’s novel (1963), starring Chiwetel Ejiofor (Oscar®-nominee for ’12 Years a Slave’) and Naomie Harris (Oscar-nominee for ‘Moonlight’).

Wednesday 11

Showtrial. Season 1

Series 2 by M+ (dial 12). Talitha Campbell, the arrogant and privileged daughter of an influential businessman, is arrested as a murder suspect after the disappearance of her classmate: a seemingly unimpeachable middle-class student. Her attorney, Cleo Roberts, becomes Talitha’s only defense against an insatiable police detective, convinced of her guilt.

Documentaries Movistar+ May 2022

Monday 9

Juliet’s journey

#0 (dial 7). Directed by Sarah Collinson and winner of a Bafta, this documentary shows how a group of young Russian activists organize to stand up to Putin, despite exposing themselves to disproportionate reprisals. ‘Fearless: Women Against Putin’ follows four women in the six months leading up to parliamentary elections, charting Russia’s turn from autocracy to dictatorship and the ways in which the Kremlin eliminates those it deems a threat.

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Thursday, 12

How to survive a pandemic

Premieres by M+(dial 30). ‘How to survive a pandemic’ is the chronicle of the global race to manufacture the vaccine against COVID-19, the largest global health coordination ever carried out to date at an unprecedented historical moment. Oscar nominee David France (‘How to Survive a Plague’, ‘Welcome to Chechnya’) directs this documentary that began shooting in early 2020, when the health crisis erupted and the largest public health effort was launched .

Series, Movies and Documentaries Amazon Prime Video May 2022

13 mayo

Lola Indigo. The girl

Missing Season 2


Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls

The Kids in the Hall

Disney+ Series May 2022

11 mayo

how i met your father

The quest

The hunter


big hero 6 season 2

Muppet babies, temporada 2

Disney+ Movies May 2022

13 mayo

Sneakerella: Cenicienta en zapatillas

the proposition

Disney+ Documentaries May 2022

11 mayo

Megastructures: Marvels of Engineering

13 mayo

Mission Critical: Tigers in India

Series Filmin May 2022

10 mayo

The accusation

German miniseries written by Ferdinand von Schirach (“Enemies”) and based on a controversial case of pederasty in the city of Worms in the mid-90s. A profound reflection on the presumption of innocence that won two awards at the prestigious CanneSeries festival

Movies Filmin May 2022

13 mayo


Manuela Vellés took advantage of her second pregnancy to shoot with her partner, the director Ibon Cormenzana, this controversial film about an unwanted pregnancy that will not leave anyone indifferent. The actress faces a shocking interpretive tour de force in a role that smells of awards.

Documentaries Filmin May 2022

13 mayo


Andrea Arnold (“Fish Tank”) signs this documentary along the lines of “Gunda” about the life of a cow. It competed at the Cannes Festival and won the award for Best Editing at the Seville Festival.